Glowing with the Flow

With its retro, glow in the dark theme, it would be easy to classify the Afterglow Half Marathon as little more than one of those novelty runs that are all the rage these days, but [...]

It’s time to make Awesome possible.

One question I get asked almost more than any other, is what the heck is a ‘Swashbuckler’? Well, the traditional definition says it’s “a swaggering swordsman, solider, or adventurer; daredevil.” As you can imagine, [...]

Making Space for Dreams

The world used to have a lot of empty space. Physically and mentally. There were gaps. Places you could go where there was… space. Nothing. Just you and the world. And your thoughts. Slowly [...]

Awesome is Possible

Let’s get this one out of the way early. Anything is possible? I call ‘Bullshit!’. Seriously. Bullshit.

Are lots of things possible? Sure. Way more things than you might realize? Absolutely? And are lot of them really fucking cool? You betcha. But ‘Anything’? Sorry to burst your bubble, but some things aren’t possible. I don’t want to dwell on them, but I do need to say it out loud.

If you want to read that ‘anything is possible, the universe will provide’ stuff, you’ll need to go look elsewhere I’m afraid.

Don’t sweat it though, I’m not here to tell you can’t do anything. Quite the opposite. There’s more cool things you can do than you might imagine. You can even do things that aren’t things yet. The world moves fast, so don’t knock yourself out if your dreams of becoming an NBL basketballer are in the toilet. Of if you’ve missed your chance to be an astronaut. They may well be some of the things that simply aren’t possible.

There’ll be those who tell you to not accept limitations, and that’s all well and good, but my chances of becoming a rock star are, give or take, sweet fuck all. That doesn’t mean I can’t listen to music and sing along in the shower, and be quite happy doing it if that’s what I chose to do, (and trust me, I do), but I need to acknowledge some things simply aren’t possible.

And you do too. Accept it. Move on. Any energy spent lamenting those things is energy you could be investing in all the cool stuff that is possible. And that’s what I’ll be mostly talking about here. Not limitations – real or imagined. Not what you can’t do. But all the awesome stuff that is possible.