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As the owner and operator, The Liberty Group has engaged three key Service Partners to deliver specialist services, as follows:

Honeywell – Facility maintenance and refurbishment services including lights, air-conditioning, lift maintenance, plant and equipment,
essential services, cleaning, and landscaping.

G4S Security Services – Court user management and security, including emergency management.

Interform – Information Technology support.

Honeywell Team

G4S Security Team

Interform Service Desk Team

The Liberty Group and its Service Partners operate in a partnering environment, and are committed to operating the Victorian
County Court Facility using the following key principles:

  • Dignity and integrity of the Victorian County Court is enhanced.
  • Customer service and continuous improvement focus.
  • Service delivery is continuous, integrated, accessible and responsive.
  • Contractual requirements are met and exceeded wherever possible.
  • Effective communication is promoted.
  • Safety and security of all Court Users is maximised.
  • Solutions are innovative and cost effective.

These services are delivered in partnership with government agencies including Court Services Victoria, County Court,
Juries Victoria, Victoria Police, and Corrections Victoria.