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Offering a 6-year undergraduate to postgraduate degree pathway in Psychology.
Semester 1 commencing May 2017. Applications open until positions filled.


At its ‘psychology-only’ campus in the heart of the prestigious Heidelberg medical precinct, ISN offers Undergraduate (Hons) and Master’s degrees. This is your passport to a career in psychology or  related professions.


Drawing on epigenetics, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, biology and  social science, Social Neuroscience investigates neural, hormonal, cellular, and genetic mechanisms that underlie individual behaviour and human nature.


Conducting blue-sky research and with access to other colleagues and facilities in the precinct, ISN’s researchers enjoy the freedom to express revolutionary ideas on topics from epigenetics to evolutionary psychology.

The Institute for Social Neuroscience Psychology (ISN Psychology) offers a unique path to your career in psychology. And for those seeking a career as a clinical psychologist, ISN is the only institute currently offering eligible students the opportunity to enrol from first year to Master’s.

Whether you have just finished Year 12, are part way through an Undergraduate degree, or are looking for a place in Psychology Honours or Masters, enrolling at ISN allows you to learn and explore in an environment that is all about intellectual curiosity and freedom of expression.

You will study in a tertiary college that specialises in psychology, where no other faculties compete for funds and resources. With clinical placements on-site and access to organisations like the Florey Institute, you will learn in a highly immersive environment.

ISN is located in the prestigious Heidelberg medical precinct, only 300 metres from public transport and the Burgundy Street cafés, restaurants and shops.

New paradigms in mental health diagnostics and treatment

As a graduate of ISN, you will be one of the few to have explored Social Neuroscience, a multidisciplinary field that promises to revolutionise the delivery of psychological and mental health services.

Not only can findings from Social Neuroscience be applied to health, they can also be used to predict and explain human behaviour and social processes in ways that could be used in social welfare, urban planning, environmental management, education, business management, and many other fields of endeavour.

In short, enrolling at ISN not only gives you a unique pathway to a psychology degree, it also gives you a broad understanding of human nature and its application to business and the world of the future.

Professor Tony Paolini explains why you should consider a degree from ISN Psychology.

Take a virtual tour of our college and the local precinct.

A World of Endeavour

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