The Institute for Social Neuroscience

The Institute for Social Neuroscience (ISN) Clinic has been set up to provide the most advanced treatments for mental illness, to restore mind body balance and promote resilience and wellbeing. We use cutting edge research from across the world to apply and improve existing treatments, and to develop new and powerful approaches.  We carefully monitor the progress of each client to measure effectiveness and success.

Some of the areas we can help you in

Clinical Psychology

We have experienced psychologists who treat people with a number of different problems, including, depression, anxiety, ADHD, addictions and trauma.


ISN Clinic Offers neuropsychological assessment of brain function from Dementia Assessment, Disorders of perception and attention to IQ, memory and executive function.

Cognitive & Educational Assessments

ISN Clinic can provide cognitive and educational assessments. These assessments provide an opportunity to explore strengths and weaknesses in areas of intellectual functioning, thinking and reasoning skills, and academic ability.

For more information on all the services we provide, visit our services page

Our Services

At ISN Clinic, our approach is to utilise techniques that restore the mind-body balance to a state that promotes resilience and well-being. We promote the benefits of maintaining a healthy life style and by optimising the bodies physiological stress response.